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Holistic Wealth and Health Podcast

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Episode 5: Balancing Health and Wealth: A Deep Dive into Holistic Well-being with Sachin Patel

In this episode, join hosts Jason Smith and Brian Bibbo as they sit down with Sachin Patel  an Innovative Leader In Functional Medicine.

Sachin is described as a versatile expert with a background in chiropractic care and functional medicine. The hosts express excitement about Sachin's upcoming talk to financial advisor entrepreneurs and delve into the interconnectedness of health and wealth. The conversation touches on the importance of balance and inclusivity in health for all ages and genders. They explore the concept of holistic health management and its relevance in maintaining overall well-being. The hosts also highlight Sachin's unique journey and expertise in various health-related fields, setting the stage for a comprehensive discussion on topics such as breathwork and holistic health practices.