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The Holistic Planning Process

Holistic Wealth Management groups

What is the holistic plan?

The holistic financial plan is an integrated approach to coordinating all key areas of your financial life, including:

The holistic advisors at JL Smith will regularly review each of these areas with the appropriately licensed team members to ensure everything is working together in synergy towards your specific goals.

Why do I need the holistic plan?

The ultra-high net worth investors have had the benefit of coordinated financial planning for years; however, the middle class and middle-class millionaires who need holistic planning the most, unfortunately, have not benefited from this same level of service. Being the most vulnerable to economic and legislative changes, the stakes are considerably higher with the risk of running out of money due to poor planning, particularly in retirement.

By creating the holistic plan, you will optimize all assets to work collectively towards your goals, while also reducing critical inefficiencies, including:

  • Gaps in coverage
  • Overlap or overexposure in investments
  • Tax inefficiencies and missed savings opportunities
  • Failure to identify and reach your goals to provide the income you need throughout your lifetime
  • Time and communication disconnect as you work to align various strategies between professionals
  • Improper or inconsistent investment strategies
  • Missing essential legal documents that can cost your loved ones significant time and money in the event of death or disability

What process should I expect to create the holistic plan?

To cover the many areas and attributes of the holistic plan, we have developed a systematic four-step process to avoid critical oversights when working to create and maintain your financial plan:

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Availability to suit your needs Step 1: UNDERSTANDING WHERE YOU ARE NOW

  • Getting to know our firm
  • Understanding your goals and objectives
  • Understanding your current finances
  • Services we offer to meet your needs
  • Taking action on organizing your financial life and goals


  • Organizing your financial life & estate
  • Understanding your net worth
  • Prioritizing your goals and objectives
  • Developing a plan for implementation


  • Recap progress we've made
  • Designing your customized Bucket Plan
  • Aligning your market volatility tolerance with your plan
  • Recommendations provided
  • Implementing your plan


  • Ongoing consultation
  • Customized review process
  • Annual plan update meeting
  • Proactive communication & education
  • Client appreciation events
  • Availability to suit your needs

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