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It’s not just what you make, it’s what you keep. Save time and money and ensure your tax returns are prepared correctly and filed on time with our tax preparation services.

As a holistic financial firm, tax implications and mitigation strategies are a critical consideration for all of our investment advice. We offer business and individual tax prep services to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws and maximize returns with money-saving deductions and tax credits. From 401(k) rollovers and Roth conversions to charitable gifting strategies and tax-efficient portfolio offerings, our advisors are educated on the latest tax laws and strategies to help maximize your pre- and post-tax income.

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Fee Structure:

First time clients 50 years of age and older = $149 *includes federal, one state, one city

Returning clients 50 years of age and older = $149 *includes federal, one state, one city

All clients 49 years of age and under = $249 *includes federal, one state, one city

Dependents (18 years of age and under, or under age 24 and a full-time student) = $50 *includes federal, one state, one city

Additional charges may include:

  • Married Filing Separate for clients 50 years of age and older - $258
  • Married Filing Separate for clients 49 years of age and under - $358
  • Additional state or city return - $50 per additional city and/or state
  • File by mail (no e-file) - $50 additional
  • Schedule C’s - $25 per schedule
  • Schedule E’s - $25 per rental property
  • K1’s - $25 per K1
  • Additional copy of current year and/or previous year tax return - $25 for print or email ($50 mail/fax) per return
  • Copy of supporting documentation - $10.00 for print or email ($25.00 mail/fax)
  • Extension - $35 due at the time of extension filing
  • Bringing in new or revised information (e.g. 1099’s, W-2’s, additional deductions, etc.) after taxes have been processed and prepared for delivery is subject to a $50 additional charge to reprocess the tax return(s).

Businesses that File an Independent Return (1065 Partnership, 1120 C-Corporation, or 1120-S Subchapter S Corporation)
These fees will vary depending on the complexity of the return. Rates begin at $199. Business owners often experience a savings of a few hundred dollars on average over prior preparation fees.

Advanced Tax Planning Strategies

If income taxes aren’t the only thing you’re looking at, our advanced tax planning strategies could be right for you. From estate tax reduction to leveraging tax-loss harvesting, our holistic advisors will work with you to develop a tax plan that’s right for you. Click here to learn more about our tax planning services.