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Holistic Financial Planning & Advisory Services

Our team of advisors offer the financial planning tools you’ll need to prepare for your future.

JL Smith is an independent retirement planning and wealth management firm based in Avon, Ohio, established in 1995.

Our team of advisors understand the importance of developing a holistic financial plan, not blanket product selection or investment recommendations.

JL Smith searches for any opportunities to eliminate gaps or redundancies and avoid any tax inefficiencies. We can identify any missed saving opportunities as well as any chances to align your hard-earned life savings with your retirement goals. We can help you leave the legacy you want for your loved ones.

Advisory Services

With decades of industry expertise, we understand that the best financial plans are holistic in nature and incorporate all aspects of your financial life, including: investments, insurance, tax planning, Social Security strategies, Medicare and estate planning.

Our holistic advisors regularly review each of these areas with the appropriately licensed team members to ensure everything is working together in synergy towards your specific financial goals.

Proven Processes

We understand you need proven processes and recommendations to achieve your financial plans, including short-term income needs as well as long-term growth objectives.

Our team of advisors will help explain how our bucket planning philosophy can maximize your investments. Bucket planning is a strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets to prepare for today’s financial dangers and challenges.

Wealth Management

Our team of advisors are dedicated to providing investment options and recommendations to help accomplish your financial plan, including short-term income needs as well as long-term growth objectives.

We offer low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio solutions rooted in broad market diversification built for investors at various risk profiles.


No matter where you are on your road to retirement will guide you in the right direction to invest in strategies that best fit your risk tolerance all while considering your overall financial goals.

You can be confident in knowing that our advisors pride themselves on providing investment options that will leave you financially secure during those Golden Years.

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