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Episode 7: Crafting a Strong Family Culture for Longevity and Prosperity

Key Highlights:

1. Introducing Family Brand
    - Chris Smith shares the inspiration behind founding Family Brand, rooted in his personal experiences and family challenges.

2. The Impact of Family on Longevity
    - A discussion on 'Blue Zones' and how family dynamics significantly contribute to longevity, inspired by the Netflix documentary "Live to 100: Secrets of the          Blue Zones."

3. Building a Family Brand
    - The conversation covers the process and benefits of establishing a family brand, including mission, vision, culture, and values,  as experienced by  host            Jason with his family.

4. Family History and Identity
    - Importance of knowing and sharing family heritage and stories to bolster family identity and resilience.

5. The Pillars of Family Values
    - Chris outlines crucial categories for developing robust family values, based on extensive research.

6. Family Brand Culture Quiz
    - Introduction to the quiz designed to help families understand and enhance their family culture.

7. Engagement Options with Family Brand
    - Overview of different programs offered by Family Brand, including digital, group, and private coaching options.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their family values and explore the resources offered by Family Brand to strengthen family bonds and create a lasting legacy.




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